About Me

P1000203I come from North Wales, and live in Hertfordshire at present.  I have been a keen long distance walker for many years.

Previous walks are:

The West Highland Way – Vicki, Rachel,  Jane, Liz and Deb.  Highlights were the food (we are the only people ever to do it and not lose weight.  I was the only one to manage the full Scottish breakfast every day, though) and Loch Lomond.  Also, some pretty spectacular foot injuries on one of my fellow travellers that were an interesting medical phenomenon.

The Welsh Walk – in company with Vicki, Rachel,  Jane, Liz and Fran.  Planned by Liz and me, with hopelessly optimistic views of how far we could travel –  highlights were disappearing down a hole in the Rhinog mountains and being yelled at by all of my friends, and Liz and me being eyed very aggressively by Welsh Black cows.

The Camino di Santiago di Compostela – an amazing walk on the old pilgrimage route.  Highlights were making friends with Jon, and seeing the wonderful cathedrals en route.  Best of all was Fiona singing “Patricia the Stripper” around a campfire to a bunch of bemused Galician farmers.

The Coast to Coast walk – by myself, but met many great people along the way.  Highlights were the sense of achievement and the wonderful views of Roseberry Topping.  Lowlight was being trapped overhanging a river by three very frisky cows, the same week that a vet was killed by cows in one of the fields I had to traverse.

The Ridgeway – a gentle amble through the English countryside with Jon and some of his friends – particularly pleasing was the Chocolate Shop in Wendover – we managed to visit that several times.

Current walks in progress are:

Peddars Way – been doing this for some time in company with Sally, Trevor, Rita, Chris, Robin and his family, Tom, Ann and Graham – looking forward to finally getting over the line.  Castle Acre is a great stop on this one.

Offa’s Dyke – only done 3 days of this, but love it already. Lowlight was a dodgy knee ( I shall be shovelling in Glucosamine supplements to keep them bendy), highlights were the views from the Kymin over Monmouth.

The Wessex Ridgeway – absolutely spectacular autumn colours near Marlborough.


9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Melita, I managed to track you down after I saw a post on another coastal walker’s site. Your Gravitar doesn’t lead anywhere, but I did a Google search and found you. What fantastic progress you are making. I started walking the coast from King’s Lynn 4 years ago and it was good to read your latest blogs that covers that area. Have put a link to your blog from my page: http://coastalwalker.co.uk/

    • Hi Ruth,

      How kind of you to go to all that trouble. Not sure what my gravitar is so not surprised it doesn’t go anywhere 🙂
      I have just looked at your site – you have some fantastic pictures.
      Maybe we could co-ordinate sometime and do a day together? I am unlikely to get down to the SW before next Spring so will continue up east coast for next few months.

  2. Hello, A belated welcome to the Coast Walkers Club and firstly I’m glad to meet someone who is doing this trek in a not to similar way to myself. I live in Dawlish and started my walk heading west until I arrived at Cardiff, I then started to walk East and stopped at Scarborough. I eventually started again from Cardiff and have made my way around the coast to Aberdeen with only 700 miles or so to go. I started in Nov 2009 and was hoping to finish next year so enjoy the rest of Cornwall and watch out for the section between Bude and Hartland Quay its a brute!!

    Kindest Regards


  3. Hello, Thanks for the reply. I use BnBs/YHs, never camped! I do ( like yourself) like to pack as much mileage into one day which is necessary in Scotland as places to stay can be few are far between. My blog isn’t as good as Ruths but it does list the places I have stayed (at least the last 20 or so walks!)

  4. Melita.. just read and found your blog.. we are not doing a blog, but we are doing the ENGLISH coast.. We religiously use Ruth’s Coastal Walks blog as it saves us making mistakes!! we have walked from Spurn Point near Hull to Severn Bridge down the EAST AND south COASTS, WITH a 32 MILE GAP IN S CORNWALL..
    We recently started on NW coast of England, AND HAVE GOT AS FAR AS Fleetwood, North east of Blackpool. We walk at weekends onl,y as we both work.. our names are Carol and Paul Sennett.. all the best for your walk

    • Hi Carol and Paul – it’s such a brilliant thing to do – I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am. So far, we seem to have covered most of the same terrain, although I have only got as far as Heston. I shall be looking out for tips on the NW part of England when I get there. But that may not be for a year or two. Hope you continue to have fun.

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