A friend for the first section!

I am delighted that my friend and colleague, Bridget, will be setting out with me on Saturday – it will be great to share the start with someone.  Andrew, our in-house photographer, is coming to see us off at 8am from London Bridge if anyone wants to come along for a laugh.  We will be leaving on the Thames Path and aiming for Erith.

I bought some more maps today to plan the next section in more detail – it is a logistical nightmare already, but so many people have said they would like to join me that it seemed a good idea to start putting dates up – see them on the Route Page.  I am getting my maps from a traditional newsagent in Hitchin (Merryfields at 16 – 17 Sun Street) which keeps a complete set. The shopkeeper thought I was absolutely barking when I walked out with 7 maps.  I have also bought a pedometer, on Neil’s advice, so I can see if the coast really is infinite!

Funnily enough, everyone interested has said that they would like to come along when the weather improves.  So far,  Deb, Graham, Howel, Jon, Liz, Magdalena, Neil (also volunteering his wife) Sally, Shirley, Susan, and my sister, Joy, are volunteering.  The West Coast of Scotland and Wales seem to be popular choices – but I shan’t get to those for some time!

Off to dubbin my boots…


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