Day 82 – Crackington Haven to Bude

We left our excellent hotel bright and late but as we had only a short day to do, we were in no hurry.

It was an absolutely beautiful morning. After heavy rain in the night, which soaked everything, the sun was warm and everything sparkled, with the sea completely calm.

The path out of Crackington Haven is steep, sloping diagonally img_1499from behind the hotel across at a north westerly angle. From the top we could see back to Tintagel Head. The massive Camelot Castle hotel is a very handy landmark. From the first headland we could also see ahead as far as beyond today’s stop at Bude. There were another two big drops and ascents, but the countryside is becoming more like the south Devon coast – lots of up and down, but not as steep as much of Cornwall.

Around 12, we stopped to eat the pasties we had carried all the way from Tintagel. Despite being locally made there, they were distinctly second rate, compared with some img_1564I have had. Shortly after, it began to spit. Chris and Jon were quite a way ahead when Rachel suggested we put on our rain gear – but we were too late. Dancing about trying to get myself into my horrible plastic pants, the rain poured down in a flash squall. It persisted, less violently, for about an hour giving some amazing views of clouds and rainbows.

We eventually found a café at Widemouth Bay, where I had a rather good scone. The last hour and a half into Bude was uneventful. Bude does not seem very prosperous. We are in a very nice hotel, looking down over the town after an easy 10.7 miles (17.1km).



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